How Does It Work?

How Is RockWeb Applied?
Where Is It Used?


RockWeb works unlike any other ground control material. It is similar to shotcrete because it confines smaller pieces of rock between the key blocks of an excavation. In this way it prevents ground from unravelling. It does not provide the compressive support of shotcrete.
  RockWeb also works like screen because it provides a degree of tensile strength across the rock surface. It will move with the rock as the excavation converges. It does not prevent the rockmass from moving, but rather prevents it from unravelling as it does. Highly convergent ground still needs stiff materials like straps to help control its movement.
RockWeb will also protect rock from the environment. Refractory minerals as well as highly foliated, or clay filled rock types can be protected from the oxidation and swelling that occurs when they are exposed to air and moisture. RockWeb is resistant to acid water and will not corrode like screen and concrete.