RockWeb has been used as a lining system on several projects where there was a need consolidate the rock inside of a rough excavation to hold water. The most significant factor in the decision to use RockWeb for these applications was the cost to transport shotcrete to the site.
One such application was a surface retention pond for acid water runoff at a gold operation in northern British Columbia where everything was flown into camp.  
  The cost of using shotcrete including transportation for this installation was estimated at over $0.7M. Using a combination of RockWeb for Rock consolidation and a traditional polyurea overcoat, the project was completed for under $150k.

Another application was the lining of a new cone sump at a depth of 2.8km in a gold mine in northern Quebec. At this depth, the mine was not able to supply shotcrete to the site at an economical rate.  
  This job was completed in one week using 7 supply packs (14 drums) of RockWeb. It would have required the equivalent of 350 bags of dry shotcrete. Upon completion, there was no rebound in the sump bottom to be removed.
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